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Relation Emotion Therapy and Coaching

Ever wondered, after reading self-help trading books, why unwanted behavior in the market place is still present at times?


Recent neuroscience has shown that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to overrule your emotions with your cognition. That explains why so much advice and techniques do not work when it is really necessary. And when is that necessary? When emotions emerge! The research behind how our emotional brain works -made popular by Dr Lisa Feltman Barrett- has led to RETaC as a new method of coaching and therapy.


RETaC is about individual and relational emotion regulation. With RETaC you learn how to change unwanted
behaviors that emerge from how you feel. The impact can be life changing because how you feel determines
your daily choices and decisions.


Relationships, like the relationship with the financial markets, is the one area where strong emotions can emerge. The higher the stakes, the deeper the feelings will impact us. Being one of the pioneers in this field, I use an accurate process to trace and unravel (unconscious) feeling patterns that regulate your emotions and responses, and transform them into new resourceful felt experiences. Once that happens, your reaction patterns immediately change because their source changed. Not only do you learn to react differently, but you feel differently which makes you react differently.

Sounds a bit nebulous or confusing?

Understandable, it is new. A new way of changing unwanted behavior by literally changing your neural pathways.


"Rewire your brain", as Mark Douglas already discussed in the 1980's, in his book Trading in the Zone. His ideas are now backed by research and RETaC is an accurate coaching process model to actualize on it.

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Image by Christophe Hautier

Emotion Regulation for Optimal Trader Performance

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