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Psychometric Testing  &  Coaching 

When working in a volatile and risky environment, achieving alignment between one's strategy and personality is crucial. By using reliable Personality Assessments and Risk Type testing tools, I assist traders in enhancing their self-awareness. This process provides invaluable insights into aligning their trading strategy with their unique personality.

Assessment-based coaching is grounded in objective data, which can significantly improve the quality of coaching. Throughout coaching sessions, I will use the RETaC model, along with a blend of various coaching methodologies.

The use of psychometric tools will be included in all of my coaching programs.

RTC is a powerful and reliable psychometric tool that represents a trader’s Risk Type, Risk Attitude and Risk Tolerance.


It represents how you respond to stress and uncertainty. This is crucial in trading, where high-pressure situations can trigger impulsive decisions.


Understanding one's risk orientation can be the key differentiator between consistent success and uncertain outcome. 

Hogan Assessments is the international leader in personality insights. With the world’s largest database of personality research Hogan produces valid, reliable personality assessments that measure everyday strengths, potential shortcomings, and values and motivators. 

This information, when integrated into trading strategies and decision-making, enhances overall performance and cultivates well-rounded, adaptable and resilient traders.


We all have experienced the strong emotions that can arise from financial market exposure, and how easily they can overrule all we know and understand about trading.


It is very difficult, if not impossible, to overcome these emotions with your cognition.

Our brains are not wired for the markets, they are wired for survival. To achieve consistent trader success, retraining your brain is essential. RETaC works effectively and quickly.

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