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I operate from two inspiring locations in Amsterdam, Beursplein 5 and De Bary, Herengracht 450. On both locations I offer a wide variety of trading support, private and business consultancy, coaching, training, masterclasses and lectures, for elevating performance levels in the financial markets industry.

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De Bary

De Bary is situated in 'de Gouden Bocht'. Until the late 1980's, this building was the home of the Albert de Bary Bank, where I began my career in the financial business. At de Bary you will discover the original grandeur of the past, now combined with functional design and modern amenities.

This classic style room, overlooking the Herengracht, provides space for training, lectures and master classes.

Beursplein 5

While no longer functioning as a market place for stock and option traders, Beursplein 5 remains a hub for traders, trading firms, and various financial market businesses. This iconic building served as my base for numerous years, as a market maker and later as a futures trader.

Private consulting, coaching, training and mentorship sessions will take place in one of the traditional rooms within this historic establishment.

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