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Ssshhh... Trading Emotions.
The Elephant in the Trading Room!

I am Maddy van den Corput, founder of Traders Unlimited, Trader Performance Consultant and Coach for professional traders on the financial markets who are looking to improve their trader performance, extend their knowledge and become more successful on a consistent level. 


With over 25 years of trading experience, including Market Making on the Euronext Options Exchange and Systematic Futures Day Trading, I have a profound understanding of the challenges traders face.


Strong emotions can arise from financial market exposure. Performing under these conditions is extremely difficult, and influences your decision-making process and trading behavior. By offering tailored training, coaching and mentorship, I will guide you to navigate these challenges successfully and achieve more consistent trading results.


My coaching approach is data-driven and evidence-based, founded on the latest neurological research and insights. This approach fosters self-awareness and builds upon personal strengths, empowering you to tap into your full potential.

As a Trader, a certified Psychometric Practitioner on Personality and Risk Type, and a multi-disciplined Coach, I am dedicated to help sharpening your mental skills and leveraging your power of mind for Optimal Trader Performance.

I look forward to working together, creating a consistent successful trading future for you.

  • Hogan Assessments

  • Risk Type Compass

  • RETaC

Trading is a High-Stake Balancing Act

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